Conference Presentations

Pillay, N., Ozcan E., The Role of Generation Construction Hyper-Heuristics in Educational Timetabling. PPSN 2016 Workshop on Natural Computing in Scheduling and Timetabling, 14th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature(PPSN 2016), Edinburgh, Scotland,18 September 2016.

Reinhardt T., Pillay N., An Analysis of Difficulties Experienced by First Time Spreadsheet Users, presented at SACLA 2004, Durban, 2004.

Pillay N., A Generic Architecture for the Development of Intelligent Programming Tutors to Teach the Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm, in Proceedings of the Young Researchers Track, AI-ED 99 (Artifical Intelligence in Education), France, 23-24, July 1999.

Pillay N., Using Information Technology as an Aid in the Instruction of Computer Courses, presented at the Conference on Changing Paradigms in Commerce Research, Technikon Natal, August 1997.

Pillay N., Dempster R., Attitudes towards the use of Computer Mediated Communications in Distance Education, presented at the Second Annual Conference on the Cooperation between Tertiary Education and the Computer Industry in Natal, Pietermaritzburg, October 1994.  

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